April 23, 2021 - Icon/glyphs are now SVGs, Notes and AIs in meeting templates, bug fixes (version 2.21.14)

Lucid Meetings' latest release includes: 

Icons are now SVGs

We've replace our longstanding font-based icons with SVG graphics. Most of you will experience this as a subtly different look to some of the icons, but we know that for a subset of our customers this will be a big improvement, as some of your IT departments were blocking the web fonts needed for the old approach. 

Meeting templates can now include notes and action items

You can now add action items and notes to your meeting templates. (This feature was actually rolled out quietly at the end of March.)

Bug fixes

  • Increased memory for the search index. Fixes an issue causing some searches to fail.
  • Disallow setting the start time for a meeting (or meeting series) to a date prior to 1/1/1970. We believe it's unlikely anyone would intend to add historical meetings of that age to Lucid Meetings, and page requests for meeting series that start in the distant past are unacceptably slow due to the computations required. 
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